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Photography Mastery: 10,000 shot program

The idea behind the 10,000 shot program

Our mantra is "Improve your photography. Instantly." The 10,000 shot program has been created to help you do just that. Right from the very beginning, we aim to help you make conscious and deliberate decisions in how you shoot and why you're shooting in that way. We've split the 10,000 shots into easy to follow photography classes that require you to invest as little as 2 hours a week, or 17 minutes a day. This will total your 1,000 shots for each step. 
So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in and Improve your photography. Instantly.

How to use the 10,000 shot program

If you want to learn how a lens is made, what every abbreviation means or any of the super technical stuff that goes into digital photography, these photography classes aren't for you. We aim to teach you practical knowledge that will really help your photography.

Like we said previously, 10,000 shots can be easily achieved with as little as 17 minutes a day. But, that doesn't mean you have to take 10,000 actual photos. All we ask is you make a conscious and deliberate mental photograph before physically changing settings. Step 1 Class 6 for example, you will be changing lenses physically, and then changing to another. If you think of a situation where you may need to change lens for a better photograph it will really help you in real life situations. Of course you will have to do some photography for some classes though.

By the end of these online photography classes, you will be competent and comfortable to take on any photography situation that gets thrown at you!

Take me to step 1 and the photography classes! Or Click here for a downloadable step 1 with working links!

Online photography classes : Photography Mastery - 10,000 shot program

Online Photography classes : Photography Mastery - 10,000 shot program