Peak design slide camera strap review

It's starting to feel like we're reviewing Peak Design equipment on a constant a regular basis! This definitely isn't a bad thing. These guys are churning amazing products out like it's no-one's business!

So, last month I got sent a new line of kickstarter products, and I wasted no time ripping open the boxes to check it all out. Needless to say, I wasn't dissapointed. I decided to wait a full month of testing before writing a review, that way I'm super intimate with the equipment and really know what I'm talking about.

In previous camera strap reviews, I've said that I never used straps, but Peak design changed my mind on that front. So when I saw the box for the new Slide camera strap, I got giddy! This was the first item I opened.

My first impressions were that this strap is wide! It's 45mm (1.8") My previous strap is pretty slim in comparison. It is an absolutely beautiful material and super smooth to the touch. You'd think that the smoothness will make it slide over your shoulder like a slip and slide, right? Nope! Peak Design have added rubber ribbing to a section of the strap to prevent sliding. Better yet, it actually works too! Plus, this section also has comfortable padding. You have to physically turn the strap over, or twist it in an awkward way to make use of it though. Turning the strap over hides the quick pull adjustment handles, but I personally find that leaving it the standard way is fine. 

Speaking of the quick pull adjustment handles, the Silde camera strap comes with two of them. They really are a thing of beauty. The silver lock lever pops up and down with a super satisfying click. You use this lever to drag the adjustment silder to lengthen or shorten the camera strap. The adjustment slider at the back of the strap is for more long term adjustments. Basically, set it and forget. The front adjuster is for quick adjustments. I don't really adjust the legnth of my strap much, but I can see the potential use for people that like their strap short for walking. The red anodised allen bolts really add that touch of beauty that shows Peak Design pays attention to detail. 

The Silde camera strap comes with the usual, new and improved anchor point attachment system and uses the lower profile anchors for a smaller footprint. For me, they're easy to use and super strong. That's all that matters. Oh, and if you're wondering how strong, they're rated at 90kg...

Of course, this camera strap can be used in a few ways, as a sling, neckstrap, or shoulder carry. I'm usually a shoulder carry person, but versatility is always welcome. 

True to form, this camera strap comes with a lifetime guarantee. These guarantees gives you a huge amount of trust that the equipment won't ever let you down.  

Wrapping this review up, I honestly didn't think I'd be too bothered by another camera strap. This one is different though. The versatility, simple but beautiful looks, and the insanely fast adjustment system has me telling everyone I know to buy one!