peak design slide lite review

This camera strap review is going to be pretty short and sweet. I've already written a review on the Slide lite's bigger brother, and they are essentially the same. The main difference being the Slide lite is designed for mirrorless camera systems. The review can be read here. Pretty much everything said about the Slide strap can be applied to the Slide lite camera strap.

That being said, I took the Slide lite on a little trip to Iceland with me, as we decided to travel light. I took my Nikon D7000 with my 17 - 50mm 2.8. It's not a mirrorless or light camera system, but I wanted to really put the strap through it's paces on our 300km tour of the country.

Peak design slide lite camera strap in Iceland

Peak design slide lite camera strap in Iceland

Whilst being designed for mirrorless camera systems, this strap is still a decent width. I didn't bother to check what the weight limit was rated at before leaving the UK because the Peak design gear has been so good to me that I have every faith in it. Just be aware that if you do use a DSLR on this strap and anything happens, you only have yourself to blame! 

In my Slide camera strap review, I said that I didn't really use the silicone section of the camera strap. Iceland was a totally different story. I had a coat on that made the strap slide off my shoulder, until I used the silicone side. The silicone side kept the strap stuck to my shoulder like glue, barely moving until I wanted to shoot.

There was the odd occasion where I caught the front quick adjuster strap when reaching for my camera. One of the times I was an inch from kneeling in boiling Geyser water. I was expecting a full on squeaky bum moment, but nothing happened! The strap doesn't adjust without you physically making it, which is a bonus. 

With the strap being a smaller width compared to the standard Slide camera strap, I was expecting it to dig into my shoulder a little more, but that also didn't happen. It was just as comfortable. Fully rolled, it is about the same size as a balled sock. Do you need to know this information? Probably not, but now you know!

I absolutely  love this Slide lite camera strap. For mirrorless camera systems, it is a perfect size and it'll hold your camera with a heavy lens, comfortably, all day long without issue. It is an amazing price too, and with a lifetime warranty... Do you see why I love this brand yet..?

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