Peak Design Capture PRO clip review

Next up for review, we have the Capture Pro clip from Peak Design.

Peak design Capture PRO clip review thumb.jpg

The Capture Pro clip is a camera mount chassis that has the ability to be attached to virtually any bag, strap or belt up to 3 in (7.6cm) wide. The beauty in this is that a camera can be positioned in any position for comfortable and fast access.
Before we go any further, I’d like to mention I love the Peak Design guys ‘mission’. Go over to to have a full look. But in short, they aim to make the ultimate in best quality gear, treat people with upmost respect and  as equals, and strive to make to planet a better place. If those aren’t things to support them, I don’t know what is!

There are 2 different models of Capture camera clip. The regular Capture Clip and the Capture Pro Clip. The difference is that the Pro version is made of all aluminum, is a little heavier, and has a more flexible attachment plate that fits both ARCA and Manfrotto RC2 tripod heads. The one we have for review is the PRO clip. The PRO clip quick release lock can withstand a staggering 200lb of force! That’s heavier than most people! 

What’s in the box?

The box itself is beautifully designed and it was a shame to open it. Once open, we have the clip itself, the quick release plate and a bag. Inside the bag you will find a couple of Anchor links, an allen key for attaching the quick release plate to your camera and another little bag with PROplate tripod adapters. These are for attaching to the quick release plate so it can fit onto a Manfrotto RC2. The plate works perfectly with all models of ARCA without the adapters.

How does it work?

The Capture PRO camera clip is so wonderfully simple in design. The clip has 3 parts; a back plate, a chassis and quick release plate. Unscrew the clamping bolts, slide a belt or strap between the back plate and chassis, then tighten the bolts. That’s it!

I’ve lived with the PRO camera clip for a few weeks now and I’m still quite amazed at how well it works to be honest. The connection is so secure and I’ve not experienced any slipping from the camera or clip when attached. There is a little plate locking clutch screw that tightens the plate in the clip. Also, the red quick release button can be twisted to prevent accidental release of the plate (and your camera) and can help prevent theft. These features work amazingly well when going on a long walk or having to navigate changing terrain. 

If I’m shooting on location and constantly clipping the the camera back in the mount, I’ll leave the plate lock screw a little loose for easy one handed mounting and unmounting.

What I have found is I really don't like having my camera hanging off my belt with a decent lens on. I tend to shoot with my favourite Nikon D700, a grip and 70 - 200 2.8. Heavy camera system, I know. Peak Design have a solution for heavy systems though, and that’s a product called the PRO pad. I haven’t used it so I can’t comment, but I can see it’s potential. It basically gives the lens a cushion to rest on and stops pulling your trousers down! With a lighter camera system though, this isn’t an issue. You could throw a mirrorless system on the clip and basically forget about it. 

I am generally a messenger bag user. For me personally, I’ve found to place the camera quite high on the strap. Placing my heavy setup high makes the whole thing feel light as a feather. Well pretty much.. Instead of walking and holding the strap, the camera can easily rest on my forearm, constantly supported. This gives me alot more control over the camera bag sway. The camera is always in a ready to shoot position too. With one and basically already on the lens, all I have to do is take my shooting hand, grip the camera and press the button.The whole thing takes about a second! No fumbling around in a camera bag!

Who would benefit from the PRO clip?

In all honesty, pretty much anybody with a camera. The beauty of the clip is that you don’t have a camera hanging from your neck, you don’t need to take a bag or to physically hold the camera when not in use. Plus it looks bloody cool! 
I can see landscape/Hikers/Travel photographers etc would really feel the benefits of the clip. I can imagine that it would become the favourite camera accessory in no time. Also, Wedding, sports and event photographers who are constantly changing between different cameras. 


 I absolutely love the Capture camera PRO clip. It’s easily my favourite accessory. It’s build quality gives me 100% faith that my gear is safe attached to it. Having free hands and an apparent lighter camera system when on walks is so liberating. 
I’d recommend this product to literally everyone!