Nikon D7000 Review

Marketed as a Nikon semi professional crop sensor camera, the Nikon D7000 is a very capable DSLR with very good low light performance. 

I bought mine after taking my Nikon D5000 to a drag racing strip and instantly realising it's limitations. The things that drew me immediately to this camera are the button layout, dual sd card slot and it's 'sports capability'. There is a button for everything that needs to be changed quickly, like the ISO and a change of focus mode are 2 examples. If I had this camera at the time, I would have been able to get alot more shots rather than missing them because of changing settings through the menu of the D5000.

It's dual dial wheels allows aperture and shutter speeds to be set individually. The DOF preview and Fn buttons on the front of the camera are programmable to set your own functions through the menu system. The dual sd card slots allow you to save a combination of Raw and Jpeg files to separate cards, use the second card as a backup or as an overflow. The cost of storage is so cheap these days that I have mine set to backup and I'll only format them both when I have 3 backups. The D7000 has an internal focusing motor so all lenses that can autofocus, will autofocus on the body.

The ISO capabilities of this camera are very good, and are (in my opinion) usable up to ISO 3200 if exposure is correct in camera. But pushing ISO 3200 files in post can quickly degrade the files if not careful. 

I've shot around 70,000 photos with this camera, in all weather types (it has partial weather sealing) and it has been generally amazing. Some lenses have needed focus fine tuning, and the ISO capabilities have left me wanting at times. However, it is now a very cheap body, especially for the performance with a decent megapixel/filesize to work with. This is a body you can't go wrong with.

Optimum ISO test

Here's an ISO test from base ISO all the way through to extended to show which are the noisiest ISO settings. Generally the noise increase with a higher ISO, however this isn't always the case. You'll also see how the blacks, contrast and colour will be affected too from this simple test.