magazine list

All of our magazines published will be listed here. Just click on a front cover and be taken to the page to read it! It's just that simple. Oh, and they're free!

Edition 5

Edition 5 of Photomappers magazine comes full circle from the start of my focus in portrait shooting. I share some of what I’ve learnt in the past year, breakdown some of the thought process that goes into an image, and build a shot from the bottom up. Use some of the ideas in this edition to improve your photography. Instantly.

Issue 4. The landscape issue.

Here we have our forth instalment of Photomappers magazine. As you can guess from it's title, it's a landscape photography one! (we throw in some cityscapes and seascapes too) Come, dive in and give it a read! Improve your photography. Instantly.

Issue 3

Issue 3 of Photomappers magazine. This issue is focused on shooting action photography. Give it a read and improve your photography. Instantly.

Issue 2

Photomappers magazine issue 2. This issue is focused on portraits and helping you improve your photography. Instantly.