Landscape photography can be quite an easy genre to get into provided you are self motivated. If you own a camera and a lens then you can shoot Landscapes. Even with the most basic of camera and lens combinations you can get amazing shots, provided you have a little creativity and an eye for detail. One of the most important (but not always necessary) pieces of landscape photography equipment is a tripod. They won't be listed in the camera kits, but just be aware that they will help improve your shots.

Budget Landscape kit

With the claim that virtually any camera and lens combination can help you make great landscape photos, a super basic and cheap kit can be had for £150. It will be second hand though, so the sensor would need to be checked and cleaned, as would the lens. 

  • Used Nikon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 G AF-S DX VR Lens - Used, Around £65

  • Nikon D3000 or D5000 body - Used, Around £85