Kenko 77mm Zeta ZR EX SMC Circular Polarizing Filter review

What a mouthful! This filter is absolutely beautiful. It's extremely well made and built to last a lifetime. Apparently you can write on it with a ballpoint pen and it'll still be fine! However, I haven't and won't be trying it on mine... 

Extra Thin, Extra Light - Only 0.8mm Thin Glass, 10g Feather Light Filter

Zeta EX uses a specially polished 4 layer thin glass and ultra thin frame combination making it wide-angle lens compatible. Even with being this thin, the Zeta EX still has the front screw on function for attaching a lens cap. The super light weight mechanically benefits certain AF lenses.

Extra Bright - High Transparency Polarizing Film

Zeta EX transmits as much as 25% more light through the polarizing film, giving the photographer about 1 stop more light than a standard circular polarizer.

Extra Anti-Reflective - ZR ( Zero Reflection ) Super Multi-Coating

This innovative coating will not interfere with any color or light transmission. Reflections are eliminated by allowing light to enter the filter at virtually any angle.

Extra Smooth Glass - Nano Glass Technology

Our Nano Glass Technology creates an ultra smooth surface from the finest particles of glass, making it stain and scratch resistant without any effect to the image.  Quote from Kenko.

It's really thin at 4mm in thickness and screws onto your from element with ease. This version allows nearly a stop  more light over circular polarizing filters, but, I think I should have went with the darker version of the filter for the obvious benefit of it being able to slow the shutter speed further. 

Kenko EX SMC Circular polarizing filter

The case it comes in is ok. It's plastic and folds open. The case holds the filter, but when trying to open it on location, I found that the filter nearly slipped out repeatedly. So I bought a Tamrac filter holder to store it in when not in use.

There's no colour cast present what so ever, especially when compared to other filters.

The quality of the glass is amazing! There's no negative effect on optics in any way.

The Super Multi-Coating offers five layers of anti-reflective coating and a transparent easy-clean top that makes for six layers of protection on each side of the glass. Along with that, the filter incorporates Nano Technology that produces an extremely smooth filter surface that is both stain and scratch-resistant. 

However, this is an expensive filter. I paid £165 (or there abouts) and that was including a 10% discount. But, I've owned mine for three years so far, and there's no scratches or chips to date. And it has been in rain, snow, sun, cleaned a million times and dropped a few too. 

Polarizer on the left and no polarizer on the right of the image. Notice the increased saturation of the blues and reduced haze using the polarizer.

To anyone looking at getting a polarising filter that will last, I'd recommend this. There are more expensive ones around (Tiffen for example), but I can't see how it could possibly beat a scratch resistant, clear polarising filter for under £180 that should last around 7 years! ( have some versions for under £100).

Kenko EX ZR SMC circular polarizing filter back case