photography class 1: How to hold a camera

Photography for beginners

Hey there people! Welcome to the first photography class in our Photography Mastery classes. This is the first step on the way to be a completely competent photographer, taking you from a beginner photographer, all the way to becoming a expert. 

Our first online photography class seems a little obvious and easy, but it literally forms the basis of our whole shooting technique. If we start with poor technique, we will continue with poor technique. We should get it perfect in the first place and give ourselves an easier time taking photos in the future.

Proper photography technique starts with the hands. Firmly hold your camera in you right hand. Easy so far..? Now take your left hand and place it on the underneath of the lens. Supporting the camera with the left hand under the lens gives us alot more stability and takes unnecessary stress away from the lens mount ring. (You'll find out about that in step 6).

Elbows should next be tucked into your body. Dig them into your ribs/sides. Having your elbows sticking out a mile will promote camera shake like crazy. Try it and see the difference, but then go back to tucking your elbows.

Stand with your legs around a shoulder width apart. This position should be comfortable for you personally.

With your legs, arms and hands now in the correct positions, look through the viewfinder and slightly lean into the camera. You forehead tight against the camera.


This practical element is super important and will serve you to no end in the future! Holding the camera properly should give you very good stability and takes a little practice to get right. We want you to pick the camera up, get into a good shooting position and hold it there for a few seconds. Then put the camera down fully. Repeat this process 100 times. You should feel very solid in your posture and have very little movement when looking through the viewfinder.