Shooting great landscape shots can be super rewarding! Also, it's a cross platform skill. Meaning that once you know how to shoot a great landscape photo, it can be applied to portraits or wedding photography, as two examples. The only downside is that the best light tends to be around an hour before sunrise and sunset. This is known as the 'Golden hour', 'Magic hour' and probably a few others I haven't thought of at this moment in time. But just know that an hour before and after sunrise or sunset is typically the best quality of light.

A great landscape photo makes you want to be at that location. 

The most involved part of landscape photography is planning! Planning or preparation, whatever you'd like to call it, but this is the single biggest thing to improve your photography. (Obviously after knowing a little of the basics). So, we'll touch upon some preparation and actual shooting techniques in this guide to give you the ability to get out and shoot.