Photography class 2 - correctly pressing the shutter button

Photography for beginners.

Now we know how to hold a camera properly, the next step to getting perfect shooting technique is pressing the shutter button. I know what you're thinking.. Pressing a shutter button, why is that even a whole class? 

It's one of the main things that will give you blurry photos! Imagine, you have your shot lined up perfectly, you're standing with decent posture and camera settings perfect. Next, you jab the shutter button with the same force as you'd poke someone in the eye.. As you can imagine your photo is likely to be blurry. 

The correct way to press your shutter button gently. Kinda obvious right? The shutter button has a two stage depression process. The first stage is half depression. This will activate autofocus. With you finger holding down the shutter button halfway down, gently and fully press the button. Do not jab the button downwards, but treat it as though it's made of gold. 

Another technique is rolling the finger. Press the shutter button halfway down and roll your finger over the button and away from you. Rolling the finger over the shutter button is a brilliant technique for shooting landscape photography on a tripod, but with having a cable release.

Click here for the shutter button instructional video.


For this classes practical element, we want you guys to practice pressing the shutter button. You don't even need the camera on for this either! Just be conscious of how you're pressing the camera's shutter button and get the gentle shutter button pressing technique down. The aim is to be able to press the button smoothly, without jerking actions. Give this 100 shots.