Don't sell out for likes

Instagram and Facebook likes are instant gratification. Little ego massages, and a sign we’re doing something ‘right’.

Well, that statement is kind of true. If you pay attention to what photo actually get a decent amount of likes you’ll see it’s naked women, or suggestive poses, cleavage shots. You get the point. Anything sexualised gets the likes. That’s just the facts. You can have a 50k follower count and still receive less likes on your photo of an epic landscape than the gamer girl with 1,000 followers and a cleavage popping out. It’s just the way of the world. Deal with it.

As a photographer, there isn’t really any way to increase you photo ’likes’ to more than the average they usually get. Basically, if you want more likes, take better photos. Or.. forget about likes all together!

How it usually works though, and you see this all the time with models; they do a shoot or two. They get a few likes. Next shoot is more risque. Now there’s alot more likes. This is appealing, so they shoot another and another risque set. All the time receiving more likes and a pretty decent sized following quickly.

Who are this demographic of followers and likers though? For the most part, 80% of them will be the typical ‘undesirable’. You know the sort I’m talking about, ones that’ll DM pictures or harass.

Now if you try going back to normal uploads, likes will be small in comparison and followers are likely to drop off.

You will grow slower when you stay true to yourself, but your following will also be your true following. SO fuck likes. Likes have made the whole social media scene a popularity contest. Who wants to be popular anyways? I certainly don’t.