Condensation is a killer!

Now that the colder weather and shorter days are really starting to draw in, (at least here in Britain anyway) I thought I'd write a quick post on something that is super easy to overlook; Condensation.

Condensation can occur when we take our camera equipment from a cold weather environment and place it into warmth with little transition period. A perfect example of this is shooting outdoors in the winter and then walking into a warm home. As you can imagine, this can wreak havoc on our expensive electronics. 

What can be done to help prevent condensation?

After your day of shooting, slowly reintroduce your camera gear to warmth. If you're driving gradually turn the heat up, slowly warming your gear. Or if you're at home, gradually bring it into a warm room. It is tedious as hell be it's better than dealing with condensation problems.

Another idea to try is if you have been out in the cold for some time, put your camera and lenses in re-sealable plastic bags (sandwich bags are perfect for this). Place the sealed equipment in a warm area and the condensation will form on the outside of the bag, not on your equipment. Once the equipment has acclimatized you can remove it from the bags and pack them away. Problem solved.