Sometimes it doesn't pay to be nice

I’m a really nice person. Usually too nice. I used to find it so hard to say no to somebody, but luckily for me, that’s changed now.

I recently saw a post from somebody (I can’t remember who unfortunately), and they had pretty much been catfished by a model. Catfishing is pretending to be something or somebody you’re not basically. So this photographer had been speaking to a model, and the model turned up to the shoot and looked nothing like the photos or how they had described themselves.

The photographer was shooting a commercial project and had the outfit etc ready for the model. But obviously couldn’t use the outfit as the model physically didn’t fit into it! I would have been absolutely livid! Anyways, the photographer had a totally different outfit that fit the model and made the shoot work.

The model had been slating the photographer to the other models saying the person wasn’t professional and was a crap photographer. The shoot came to an end and everybody was telling the photographer not to pay the model. But, the photographer did. I suppose they still shot the model so payment was justified.

However, if a model turns up on set and clearly looks nothing like the had shown or described, should you turn them away? I personally think yes. They’ve made you spend money on outfits, makeup etc, and wasted a bunch of your time. Paying these kinds of people just justify their own selfish nature. Chances are that they’ll try doing the exact same thing to others too.

On a slight tangent, my most previous instance of this was literally the other day. I had to stop being nice to a model. I wasn’t an asshole, let’s make that clear. I had a model wanting to work with me because they liked my work. Them approaching me should mean it’s either pay my way or TF depending on the project.

Originally it was to be on a TF basis. I spent time concepting some ideas, locations and outfits. We set a shoot date, and then I found out the model lived 5 hours from me.. And she wanted me to travel to her, and pay her! I was in a little state of shock if I’m honest!

She seemed to be a decent person generally, but I had to tell her that she was too far away, and even if I had a project I could use her for, there are 1,000s of other models close to me that I could use. And, they’re all better than her! I didn’t tell her that bit, but that’s the truth.

Sometimes you just have to stop being nice and trying to please people.