Godox AD200 review 6 months on

I’ve owned the Godox AD200 for around 6 months now so I thought I’d write a little review on this flash. I’m not the sort to spout colour accuracy, or temperature consistency etc, so I’ve you’re looking for those pieces of information you’ve come to the wrong place.

If all you wanted to know is whether the Godox AD200 is good or not, I’ll throw my verdict on the Godox AD200 right here; it’s bloody awesome!

Godox AD200 flash carry case

Godox AD200 flash carry case open. I modified mine so that I don't have to constantly take the bare bulb out to store it

A quick bit of back story and why I chose the Godox AD200 flash; I have a few speedlights. I usually use them outdoors with HSS (high speed sync). One of my shoots last year was in 1pm midday light and my speedlight flash was struggling. I had seen the Godox AD360 around before and really sold myself on the idea of getting one. I read a few reviews on them and the awkward weight distribution really put me off. So I knew from then on I wanted the Godox AD600. That is until I thought about it a little more.. Carrying around what is essentially a portable studio strobe, along with light stands and a full camera kit, didn’t sound appealing. Along came the Godox AD200. The flash that nobody knew they wanted!

Godox AD200 flash alongside the Nikon SB800 speedlight

The Godox AD200 is pretty much a speedlight (slightly bigger than a speedlight) but with 4 times the power. The head doesn’t tilt and move around like a speedlight, but it’s not supposed to. It’s powered by a Lithium Ion battery that lasts an age! Godox rates the battery at 500 full power flashes. Most people will agree it can do more than this though, and when the batteries are only £60 each, getting a second one can’t hurt. Replacing/placing the battery could be made a little easier in my opinion. It’s not hard to do, but sometimes it takes a few tries before you find the correct orientation.

One great feature (if you call it that) of the Godox AD200 is; the flash itself is not brand specific. Only the trigger makes it brand specific. I use the AD200 flash with the Godox X1-F trigger on my Fuji and the Godox Xpro-N trigger on my Nikon on the same shoot. It’s just a case of turning the camera and trigger on and shoot.

Godox AD200 flash rear screen display featuring my scratches

The Godox AD200 has a changeable flash head allowing the Fresnel (speedlight looking head), or bare bulb to be used. The fresnel is convienient, but the bare bulb gives a better light quality in my opinion. Taking the bare bulb head off after each shoot, to pack the flash away in the case it came in is a tiny pain in the ass. That’s one area where I prefer the fresnel.

The screen on the back of the Godox AD200 is pretty decent. It’s small, and not illuminated the greatest, but it gets the job done. My only thing I have a real issue with is how ‘soft’ the screen is. I have two huge scratches across the screen from the day I unboxed the flash from, I kid you not, trying to rub a mark of the screen with my finger.

I’ve used the Godox AD200 with both the Godox X1 and Godox Xpro triggers and it works perfectly. I’ve had a few misfires with the Xpro trigger combo, but that could be down to dying batteries.

TTL mode is TTL mode. There’s not much else to be said on that. The same is true with HSS(High speed sync). It has them and both, they both work.

Godox AD200 speedlight flash mount. These suck, so don’t use them!

On the underneath and on one of the sides of the AD200 flash are female screw thread adaptors which, I can only imagine, was placed there in an absolute emergency. They' are terrible. I haven’t ever used them and will only use them for the purposes of an example photo. I’d recommend a Speedlight bracket holder for mounting the AD200. Try looking for one with fitment for the Godox AD200 flash. The general ones you can find all over Amazon and Ebay will work with a little bit of squeezing or modification. But trust me, I have one of each and the specific one is definitely worth the extra £2.

On the left is the standard Flash mount adapter, on the right is the one that fits my Godox AD200. Notice the little red markings I’ve added so I can identify which is which. As you can see, they look identical!

I’ve used the Godox AD200 a decent amount and I absolutely love it. It’s rare I’ll pull a speedlight out now as a main light, and will probably end up buying another one or two. It’s super easy to use and really reliable. The soft rear screen sucks, and the screw adapter is pretty useless, but these are tiny little issues. For the price, the Godox AD200 really can’t be beaten!