The photography community is toxic?

I saw recently Chelsea and Tony Northrup posted a video with a similar title to this blog. I watched the video and I agree with pretty much everything that was said!

Personally, I'm not a very social person so I'm not out there speaking to other photographers too often. (I probably should be, so maybe that needs to change..) I have noticed more and more photographers bitching and slating each other, over social media, for seemingly trivial stuff!  

Whenever I see this I'll usually unfollow the culprit. I don't need to see it, and I dont care about seeing it. The most recent one I unfollowed was actually today. The person is a very amateur photographer and was complaining about other people getting into the industry. Their post was "getting a camera doesn't make you a photographer. It takes years of practice and qualifications". That is just flat out wrong. To think you need all the experience and qualifications is ludicrous. This same person had been complaining about a myriad of other things over the previous few days, which finally motivated me to unfollow.

The very same sorts of things are present on YouTube too. Keyboard warriors with too much time on their hands and, let's face it, probably a chip on their shoulder down to jealousy. You often see these people trying to bring content creators down. Maybe the creator has made a mistake, or maybe their audio sucks. So what?! Move on. 

If you're that person that has enough time on their hands to comment on every video you watch, and try to point out only negatives, you should take a hard look at yourself. If you're also a photographer commenting negative stuff, then your own personal work had better be world class. 

People spend so much of their time creating content and giving it away for free. The least people could do is be respectful. If you must give criticism, make it constructive. Not everybody knows the mistakes they're making. A comment of "this sucks" is just pointless. Give them something they can improve upon. Don't add to the toxicity.