Overlooking London at night from Heron Tower

This Easter weekend a friend and I decided to take our other halves to London for a surprise weekend away. We had planned this and kept it from them for around 6 weeks.

My friend had told his girlfriend the plan literally ten minutes beforehand she she didn't get anxious or keep asking questions about everything . Literally two minutes into the car journey she slipped up and she had accidentally told my fiancee the plan. Bummer.  

To be honest, I'm glad about it because it gave my fiancee the car journey there to get hyped and excited for London. However, she didn't know the details of the plan. This made me happy.  

We've done the touristy stuff a number of times so that really wasn't on the agenda. Besides, I wasn't feeling carry a DSLR around all day, especially over the Easter weekend. London would prove to be busy. 

Fast forward a few hours...  

Our reservation was for 23.45pm and despite our best efforts we were still late. In part due to my fiancee wearing her heels and having blisters. This really gave me a chance to soak up the scenery and how beautiful the night was. 

We took a 'wrong turn' and headed down a thin alley way which had a Roman bath or something on our righthand side. But this alleyway led directly to the front entrance of the tower.

As soon as I saw the place I instantly regretted the choice! I'm terrified of heights and Heron Tower is tall! I know.. Not the smartest idea. 

To get to the 40th floor you have to ride a glass elevator on the outside of the building! Again, I'm terrified of heights but that view... It was unbelievable! Holding onto the hand rail tightly but I wasn't able to tear my eyes away from the view!  

When you reach the top and walk through the restaurant you'll notice that all the walls are glass showing the whole city of London in it's splendor. You're directly beside and higher than the Gherkin and have Tower Bridge just behind it,which at night looks unbelievable! The whole of London is just magical at night! 

The idea was to get there, eat and take a few photos of the city but the place was packed! As you can imagine, there were people everywhere taking photos! This was fine for a snapshot on the phone, but with a DSLR it would be chaos. That's if they'd even allow you to one up there... 

Basically, this place would be amazing for photographers. Nightscapes, long exposure, golden hour landscape / cityscape. The only problem besides having permission would be people. This place doesn't close! Nor does it even seem to be lax in anyway! 

If you get a chance to go here, do it! The view is seriously breath taking! I will however be trying to find a way to shoot London from the top of one of tall buildings. Just, probably not here.