Andoer universal L bracket review

I convinced myself that I needed an L bracket for landscape work. I probably didn’t actaully need one, but I convinced myself. I know the Kirk brand makes some, and there’s a few others I know of too.

Looking on Amazon, I found 3LT (3 legged thing) makes a universal, bright orange, L bracket. Damn it looks cool! Scrolling down to the reviews, the similar products bar popped up. For £40 less than the 3LT L bracket was this Andoer L bracket. I love the look of the 3LT L bracket, but a £40 saving is pretty substantial!!

Andoer L bracket. Wear showing on the edges from a few tripod mounting attempts

Andoer L bracket mount

So I bought it. Being universal I knew it wouldn’t be the best fit in the world. I knew wouldn’t have access to the side doors etc. But that was fine. It only cost £18.

It arrived really quickly and it feels pretty solid. There are 6 rubberised points to protect the bottom of camera from rubbing. The mount screw is tiny! It has like 2, possibly 3 usable threads turns. I check this against my Blackrapid T1 screw and it's actually the same. The loop on the screw I dont trust though. There's no way I'd trust it to hold a hefty camera from! I tried replacing it with my Blackrapid T1 screw, but it would’t fit. The Blackrapid screw is just too wide. It could be forced, or even a quick drill to modify it, but I didn't bother.

Andoer L bracket on Fuji XT1 with Blackrapid T1 screw mount

I had to remove to two lug screws that stop the L bracket from falling out from the tripod. It’s good that the L bracket has them, but they got in my way and had to go!

Andoer L bracket on 3LT tripod AH2 ball head showing locking pin

Andoer L bracket on 3LT tripod AH2 ball head with pin popping through

So now to the actual use; I have a 3LT tripod and on the tripod head itself is a locking pin. With my 3LT tripod plates and PeakDesign plates, this pins gets pushed down when sliding the camera onto and off the tripod. Exactly as you’d expect it to. With this Andoer L bracket though, I can only insert it onto the tripod head one way. I can’t even it fully either!  My tripod lock pin doesn’t get pushed done for the whole length of the L bracket. Trying to slide it the other way sees me having to push it down myself. And this is landscape orientation. Trying to put the Andoer L bracket on my tripod in portrait mode is near impossible. The tripod locking pin gets depressed very briefly, then pops up inside the L bracket space. The only way to get it out is to push the pin down myself. If the L bracket is mounted to a camera, the camera needs to be taken off to allow space to push the pin down.

As L brackets go, I won’t be using this much at all. I’ll probably end up buying the 3LT version which should work straight away with my tripod. If your tripod doesn’t have a built in locking pin, then maybe the Andoer L bracket will work for you.

It's an ok piece of kit, and for £18 it could be kept as a back up. But, I'd recommend spending that little bit more for a better l bracket that will fit and just work straight away. 

Andoer L bracket on Fuji XT1