Fuji brings out a new 16mm lens!

Fujifilm has announced a smaller and more affordable version of their 16mm 1.4 lens! Currently I own 0 Fujinon lenses, and have been looking at buying the 16mm 1.4. I have been toying with the idea of a few different Fuji lenses to start my collection, but the field of view of the 16mm is really up my street!

Without going into too many specs; the new Fujinon lens is a 16mm 2.8, so 2 stops slower than it’s bigger brother, 16mm 1.4. But, it has faster and quieter autofocus than it’s bigger brother, and retains the close focusing distance that the 16mm 1.4 lens was known for. Image quality is supposed to be nearly as good as the 16mm 1.4 Fujinon, which is really saying something! As cost goes, the new 16mm 2.8 is 2x to 3x cheaper than the 16mm 1.4 lens!

Size wise, the new 16mm 2.8 lens is tiny in comparison (from what I have seen so far). The diminutive size is and autofocus speed, are what’s really pushing me towards the 16mm 2.8 version over the 16mm 1.4 version. I personally want a prime tens, with a wide field of view, that I can leave on my camera. This 16mm fits that perfectly! I would have loved to have seen this as an f2 version lens, but what can you do?

Some people will say that with this release, Fujifilm have killed the market for their 14mm 2.8, but the wider you go, the more those mm make a difference!

The Fujinon 16mm 2.8 release date is towards the end of March, so available for preorder now. I’m just about to preorder mine! I’ll be renting a 16mm 1.4 lens too to do some comparisons and reviews. So keep an eye out for them!

Fuji 16 2.8.jpg