I finally bought a Sekonic L358 light meter!

Reflecting on my last shoot, shooting 2 models with low ceilings made lighting them a little difficult. I spent too much time, in my opinion, changing flash powers. So I decided a light meter would be a great investment.

I remember looking a few years ago and remember the Sekonic l308 models were only £100.. I looked last week and I must have remembered wrong! The Sekonic l308 were £180 brand new all day long! Even used ones were over £100!

A brand new meter doesn't bother me, so I knew I'd be buying used. For the price of the Sekonic l308, I found I could find a few more advanced meters. I probably didn't/don't need the extra features, but surely for the same price it makes sense doesn't it?  

The other options that kept popping up was the Minolta IVF, a couple of Minolta VF, and (the one I finally settled on) Sekonic l358. (I don't like the horrible grey/silver of the Sekonic but what can you do...)

Ever as impatient, I kept an eye on Ebay and found about 6 that popped up, all used (really used) and for around the £130 price point. I nearly bought one straight away!

Telling myself to wait a few more days, I still kept checking. To my surprise, one popped up as unused, but with no box, for £85 buy it now! I snapped it up instantly! 

The seller had it advertised as 2nd class delivery, and upgraded it to special next day delivery because of my instant payment. Bonus! 

The Sekonic l358 arrived, and it's in perfect condition! It's a lot smaller than I was expecting,  which is good for me with my tiny hands! I turned it on and had a little play around. Considering I've never used a light meter in my life the Sekonic l358 is pretty intuitive for basic functions. The other stuff I'll definitely need to have a look online for! 

I'll give it a proper use one my next shoot and we'll see how it goes! 

I'm super impressed with the Sekonic l358 and it just goes to show that if you have a little patience (and a little luck), you can grab a bargain every now and then!


Sekonic L358 light meter

Sekonic L358 light meter