The great camera deception

Camera manufacturers are in the business to make money. Pretty obvious right? And the best customers are repeat customers. You know, ones that buy stuff from the same brand. Simple stuff.

The deception comes in when camera manufacturers knows it's customer base and what makes them the most money, on the most frequent basis, then capitalises on it. I will add that this is partly down to us buyers and what we spend our money on. We want the best photos and to get better photos we need more camera gear.. Or, at least that's how we justify it.

So, camera manufacturers play on it. And rightly so.  

Have a little think, what comes out more often; a new lens, a new flash model, or a new camera body? It's easily camera bodies isn't it! What costs the most out of the three? Also camera bodies... Is this making sense now?  They know we'll buy lenses, but how often do we buy lenses? Usually if we buy one, we'll keep if for a number of years. That doesn't keep money flowing into the camera manufacturers pockets..

Now back to the deception part. Because the camera manufacturers want our repeat custom They want us to spend our money on camera bodies. They tout the capabilities of this new body and how amazing it is. Sometimes it is, sometimes it's just a little better than the previous iteration. The whole point is to make us feel like our 'last gen' equipment is very much inferior. 

The thing is, just because a new camera comes out with some awesome features, our old cameras don't get worse. Just think about that for a second.. Our old cameras still perform the same way!

I shoot on a Nikon D700 and a Fujifilm XT1. My Nikon D700 is basically a dinosaur in the digital era, and I'm fine with that. Newer cameras like the Nikon D850 have basically everything I would like, but don't need. This doesn't make my D700 a bad camera. In comparison to the D850, it may be worse, but that's in comparison. My D700 still takes the same high quality photos now, as it took on the day it was released. 

To get better quality photos, a new lens on my D700 would be a better option than getting a new camera body and having crap glass. Better yet, a little more education will get you better photos, but that’s not what this post is about.

Oh, and you think the huge named pro photographers buy those latest and greatest cameras they use...? They usually don't even own them! The camera manufacturers will loan them gear indefinitely to make kick ass photos, and show us that you can get these photos IF you own this expensive camera.. Have you ever dumped a decent amount of money onto a new camera, only to wonder why your shots still suck..?

Like I said, camera manufacturers are in it to make money. Bringing a new body along every couple of years keeps the money flowing. Us tech nerds lust over the latest and greatest, and a lot of you will buy it. There's nothing wrong with that, just remember that your old cameras aren't bad cameras. They're just lower spec than new technology.