Keeping clear when it comes to gear

As you've probably seen in my last post, I'm looking at getting a Fujinon 16mm 2.8 when it comes out. At the moment there isn't anything really in the way of reviews, only spec sheets. So when browsing YouTube, loads of different reviews keep popping up. It's diluted my initial reasoning why I want the 16mm 2.8!

I keep debating on spending the extra on the 16mm 1.4 for the extra 2 stops of light, and I keep toying with the idea of getting the 56mm 1.2 to compliment it. Maybe even splashing out on a Fuji XT3 for professional work.. I'm spending a lot of money in my head for essentially no reason. 

I have to constantly remind myself why I bought my XT1 instead of and XT2 or XT3. I got an XT1 to have as a small carry around camera. One I can take anywhere and have some fun with photography again. I never bought it with the idea of making it my professional setup. With that in mind, I want a lens or two that is small and fast. That’s my clearly defined purpose.

Looking for new camera gear is fun, but it's so easy to become obsessed and fall into the trap of "which is better?". Try to decide on what your purpose is on buying gear and stick to it. If you're buying for professional reasons, you'll probably be buying differently than if you want a travel camera..