Where does your inspiration come from?

The wife and I watched a few movies over the past few days, these being Bird Box, The Boy and Wolf creek. Clearly we were in a horror/thriller kinda mood. Looking at some of the lighting and locations really got me thinking about adding some of this atmosphere into my own photography.

Bird box is a great example of atmosphere and eliciting the viewer to let their minds run on what is actually going on. If you see a trailer for this movie, or even a screen grab, you’ll probably see a family of three on a boat, blindfolded. Instantly you wonder why how they got on the river and why they’re blindfolded. You don’t get a narrative to the actual story from this until you’ve seen the movie, but as the viewer, we create possibilities and theories.

This is exactly the kind of story telling I want to start to incorporate into my own work. I want the viewer of my shots to make their own story out of what the image contains. Of course I’ll have my own interpretation, but if somebody else reads deeper into the shot, then it’s all welcomed.

Not everything has to be visually stimulating either! My wife bought a Tim Burton book with a number of short stories and poems in (short is not an exaggeration! This book can literally be read in 15 minutes). Tim Burton has a beautifully weird and twisted mind and his ability to condense a story and cut out all the chaff is amazing. I read this book and was inspired to write. I actually didn’t as it was stupidly late and I was tired, but I know that this book will be a constant inspiration source!

Sometimes I find that inspiration doesn’t come easily, so having little pools I can dive in and out of when I need the little burst is absolutely invaluable!