Not everything is as it appears to be!

If you’ve listened to my first podcast episode, you’ll know that I’ve ordered some cheap photography gear from a place called Wish. The have so many cheap, and knock off, versions of existing gear and I dropped £30 in getting a few items to test. I’m still waiting on 2 items to arrive before I can start my proper testing and stuff.

Scrolling through the app/website, alot of the items look to be pretty decent, but I didn’t expect any of this stuff to actually be any good.. Without spoiling anything, a couple of the items I received literally are mini versions of the items in the photos! They’re pretty much useless!

I’ll start to put a post together soon with the seller photos alongside the real products and you’ll all see what I mean. Luckily, my expectation was that this gear would be crap in some way. My advice to you guys is that when ordering items that are ridiculously cheap, expect them to suck. Expect to learn that buying cheap usually means buying twice, with the second purchase being the expensive ‘decent’ product.