Self sabotage?

I am a complete sucker for self sabotage at times. The key phrase being ‘at times’. It’s so easy to decide to not go out and shoot because the weather is grey, or it’s not the ‘right’ time, or I can’t be bothered with the drive. I create a fair amount of excuses at times, and guess who’s the one that suffers for it…? That’s right, me. It’s not always shooting either. It could be the blog posts , or podcasts too. The easy excuse with this is that the laptop is in the other room or something to that extent.

Do I do it intentionally? Not exactly. It’s just easier to convince yourself that you can’t go out and shoot than it is to actually put the effort in and shoot. But the way to get over this kind of mindset is super simple! And that is to go and get it done. That’s it! You have to muster the effort to do what you actually want to do.

If you have to, give yourself mini rewards for achieving your goal. But make sure these are small rewards because you want to give yourself these rewards often as behavioural reinforcement.

Self sabotage is a very easy and very unproductive cycle to get yourself into. Just remember that it’s also very easy to get out of. Break the bad routine and keep it broken.