Insane high resolution photo!

Have you guys ever heard of Gigapan? If you haven’t, Gigapan photos are insanely high resolution photos made up from a series of shots (more like 1,000 45 megapixel shots) stitched together, to make a single ‘photo’. The end result being a photo that you can zoom in on and see things like people’s facial expressions from literally half a mile away (maybe more!).

Below I’ve linked a shot which is exactly that! I’m not sure if it is shot with an actual Gigapan though. In this photo, you can zoom in on people across the river and see them clear as day! If one of the guys in this photo was a family member or friend, you’d be able to recognise them instantly!

Honestly, the resolution of this is insane! Click the link below or copy and paste it into your browser and have a look for yourselves!