Make new year plans and actions, not resolutions

I’ll jump in and say straight away that I’m not a New years resolution type person. I think that if you want to do something then just do it. Don’t wait until New year. Plus, a resolution tends to be a kind of wish list of sorts. There’s no action plan involved. Don’t get me wrong, I rarely write down a plan of action for my projects, but I do jump into projects and just start them. There’s very little wishing about it. After I’ve started I’ll start to write more down as actionable tasks.

Last year I decided that I wanted to have a completely new portrait portfolio before the end of 2018. That is a wishlist item right there. The plan of action part was when I decided on 15 to 20 new portrait shots, came up with a few concepts, and booked a few shoots. I kept booking shoots throughout the year too.

Following the above, I’m shooting more landscapes in the coming year, shooting more ‘production value’ portraits, and finish the book I’m writing. The action plan for these has 3 shoots already booked with props and materials already sorted, landscape scouting already underway, and half a book written. There’s no resolution here, only an actionable time frame in which I want these completed by.

I am in no means perfect though and constantly self sabotage myself. It’s our job to keep ourselves on the right track. Stick to that path though and great things will happen!

Here’s a few actions I recommend trying:

  • Join a photography competition site, choose a contest to enter and shoot for the contest.

  • Set yourself monthly or fortnightly challenges. These could be only shooting with a prime, only shoot the colour red, or shooting only panning shots etc.

  • Try a completely different photography genre. If you only shoot portraits, try landscape. You don’t have to show these shots off, but you could learn a great deal from it!

Here’s to a great 2019 ahead of us all!