New year project! refinding the beauty in my own city

I live in a beautiful city. Yet I struggle to see the beauty in it through the lens. We have Tudor streets, cathedrals and even a bloody castle! Still, as I see my city every day, I find myself uninspired to shoot it. At first, I thought this was just me, but I’ve heard other people saying the exact same thing. I plan on changing just that.

One of the challenges I plan on setting myself is to take at least one decent photo of my city a month. This doesn’t have to be a portfolio worth shot, but one that depicts the beauty my city has. A few of these shots will inevitably be the typical postcard shot, but some of them will be the polar opposite.

I, like some of you guys, need to retrain myself to see things that I glaze over in my day to day life. Inevitably, this challenge should make some aspects of photography easier, like finding a great portrait location. Or at least that’s the hope!