Buying a Fuji Xt1 mirrorless camera in 2018 - I bought an Xt1!

Just as this post title suggests I’ve recently bought a Fuji Xt1. I’m a Nikon shooter and love gear, so when the newly released Nikon Z7 came to my local camera shop I had to go have a play. I had no intention of buying anything, (I still shoot with a Nikon D700 for gods sake) but I wanted to see how different and innovative the camera was going to be. Within a few minutes I had grown to hate it. Some would argue I needed longer to make any form of opinion, but I just didn’t like it at all. Plus the Nikon rep was a condescending douche.

Two feet away was a Fujifilm rep. This rep was a great person. I watched her give a demonstration on what I came to know as the about to be released Xt3 and the Xh1. Having never picked up a Fuji in my life I was encouraged to play around with settings, switch between the 1 million different lenses Fuji had brought along (slight exaggeration), and just generally handle the cameras. The size and weight difference was immediately noticeable. Usually shooting a Nikon D700 and a 70 - 200mm 2.8 this little Fuji was a breath of fresh air. I walked away and knew I wanted one!

I am a massive gear head, but I’m not really a gear buyer. Usually I can get my fix of gear from watching reviews and stuff that others post, then carry on with my life. With the Fuji Xt3 about to be released the Xt2 was bound to drop in price. And it did! But I don’t buy new gear really either! I have done in the past and I think depreciation values makes new camera bodies pointless to buy. That reasoning means I buy used for the most part.

I absorbed so much information on the Fuji Xt2 in the coming weeks with the intention on grabbing that body. I didn’t have any Fuji glass, and I still don’t, however, that body was all I needed. That is until I thought about it properly.. Why did I want a mirrorless Fuji? My intial reasoning was that it’s only 2 years old, has an EVF, smaller and lighter and means I could take it around everywhere with me. Plus the ISO performace is pretty awesome too. The main point was that I wanted a camera I could take anywhere and everywhere. The Fuji Xt1 could achieve 100% of what I wanted out and 1/3 of the price of and Xt2.

Yeah the Xt1 may be ‘old’ to some. But in comparison to my D700 it’s basically new!

Black Friday rolls around and they have a 10% on used camera equipment! This suits me perfectly! I check their stock list and I find that Fuji Xt1s are now being sold for £210 to £300! I ran straight there to pick one up! Next, I found a lens adaptor on Amazon with an aperture control ring and order that too. So now i own an Xt1 with adaptor to use my Nikon lenses on.

I am planning on getting some Fuji glass soon, but for the moment I’m going to see how I get on with shooting portraits and landscapes with the manual focus Nikon lenses. That way I’ll be able to judge what I’ll shoot more of with this camera and follow the appropriate route.

My initial reason for wanting a Fuji was probably more out of lust than anything. But having really thought about it, I want a small and lightweight set up for travel/landscape stuff. I want an EVF and a new system to keep me on my toes (with only a £250 investment it seems worth it to me), and a new challenge. Using on manual focus is so different to what I’m used to doing and really makes you shoot differently. I am planning on investing in the Fujifilm ecosystem and will not be making any more Nikon purchases. I won’t be ‘moving’ to Fuji as I’ll be keeping my Nikon stuff.

Camera brands’ marketing does a brilliant job of making you want all the latest and greatest gear and makes you feel inadequate with your current setup. This rarely gives you a new challenge or bring the love back into photography. With my Nikon D700 setup I’d only bring it out of the house for shoots. With my little Fuji Xt1, I can take it anywhere and it’s brought my passion back into photography. For me that’s the most important part of buying camera gear.