Into the river

As you guys may or may not know, I've been compiling a program to make you take better shots, instantly. This hasn't been the easiest to do, but I have almost finished up step 1.  For a section on shutter speed, I wanted to show the effects of slowing down the shutter speed using water. The closest place I had available to me at the time was a river, and upon arriving there, there wasn't too much motion in the easy to access area. A few feet further down was a different story. However, the only static point of reference was a rock in the middle of this river... 

Luckily I knew it was a muddy field that needed to be crossed. Also luckily, I had my wellies in the back of my car. My partner had put them on because she was wearing the wrong footwear for this type of walk. But I now needed them... So we swapped footwear and into the river I went. 

As you can imagine, I was getting a few weird looks from passersby, and I got a little wet. But I wanted that shot as an example photo for you guys! Don't be scared to do things like that if it'll mean getting the shot!