Parabolix 35" Deep

Parabolix has just released a 35" Deep octabox! It looks absolutely amazing!

Octaboxes create such a beautiful light and it's so easy to control it. Using it bare without diffusion will give a contrasty light which is perfect for fashion or beauty. Being 35", it can also be used for full body illumination provided the light source is positioned further away from the model.

Below is the description straight from their site:


The Parabolix™ 35-inch "Deep" reflector is our latest reflector size.  At 25" deep, it's the perfect mid-size reflector, great for portraiture, beauty and fashion.  When used in a flooded/defocused light position, this reflector provides full body coverage.

Optional grid, diffusion, scrim and flag available.

Technical Details:

  • Focus Position = 1

  • Comes with speedring and bag.

  • 16-sided reflector

  • Suitable for all strobes brands, with appropriate strobe adapter.

  • Light-Focusing Mount and Strobe Adapter sold separately.

  • Dimensions Opened: 35" (89cm) diameter, 25" (63cm) deep

  • Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.

  • Strobe head and light stand not included.