Vanguard Alta action 70 tripod bag first impressions

I received a little delivery from Vanguard yesterday (an understatement and a half.. The boxes are pretty big!). 

The huge box is a camera bag that I'm going to do an unboxing video of soon, but the smaller box is the Vanguard Alta action 70 tripod bag. I had a brief look at it last night and here are my first impressions: 

 From pulling the bag out of the box, I could immediately tell it has some bloody good quality materials used in it's construction. They feel like they'd take an absolute beating and then some! 

The bag itself is very lightweight. It is black in colour with Grey panels each side and yellow details. On top of the Alta action 70, there are two handles for carrying. Open the bag and you'll be awash with a sea of yellow. 

A couple of pockets sit inside the bag. Inside one of the pockets is a strap to attach the tripod case to a Vanguard Alta rise bag.  

Usually I've found zips to be a weak point or let down with bags. They're usually too stiff or awkward. But the ones on this are perfectly smooth. There isn't any excess material for the zipper to snag on either. A major plus! 

From first impressions,  it looks as though it could fit a sizeable tripod and ball head. 

There is ample padding all over the bag. Most notably there is decent padding at the top of the strap where it would sit on the shoulder. This gives me confidence that it could be worn all day with little comfort issues. 

That's it for the first impressions. From having a brief look, I'm really impressed with the quality of the Alta action 70 tripod case and can't wait to do a full review on it in the next week.