Polaroid camera for 50p!!

Yesterday I got a haircut. It was so needed. Underneath my hairdressers is a little charity shop with an old Polaroid camera in the window.

I've never owned a Polaroid camera though. Ever since I was young and growing up I had always wanted one and I've looked online for one a few times, but I wasn't prepared to pay £70. 

This little beauty sat in the window with a price tag of £3.99! That suited me just fine! So I picked it up and took it to the till to pay.

To my shock, they had a sign saying that anything under £4.99 would be reduced to 50p for that day only! Needless to say, I had a look for more cameras or accessories! 

I finally got a Polaroid camera that I've always wanted.. in perfect condition.. For a mind blowing 50p!!

I'm going to be checking charity shops more often for old or retro cameras from now on. Even if they don't actually work, they look very pretty being on display.  


The 50p wonder!