Taking opinions on board

Yesterday, when out shooting some bits for the coming magazine, I was looking for a location for an HDR shot.

I reached my location and a random dude came up to me to tell me the best spot for getting a photo. I tend to take this kind of thing on board and usually check it out. But I know my city quite well, and I knew what I wanted to shoot.  Besides, the sun was exactly where I wanted it. 

This dudes suggestion was the glass in a building behind me and over the river. I explained to him what I had in mind and thanked him for the suggestion. To which, this guy took a little offense. I couldn't help him taking offense, but if I'd have gone with the suggestion given, I'd have missed the shot. 

Sometimes you've got to just take suggestions on board and be polite. But always listen to them because there could be hidden gems you didn't know about!