Master of photography...?

I've seen this programme being shown on TV quite a few times but I've never actually watched it. Until tonight.I threw it on as a kind of background noise while I get some stuff done.

If you've never seen it, I guess I'd describe it as a reality show for photographers. The photographs get given a brief to work to and their photos get judged by a panel, plus one special guest. Sounds like a typical reality show, right? 

I had one and a half episodes on before turning it off! Firstly, I hate reality TV. One of the judges reminded me of Simon Cole with his hot and cold TV personality, and the way he sounds like he is critical of something but actually likes it.

Secondly, this sounds a little bitchy, but the majority of the photographers seemed 'artsy fartsy'. Kind of like they're trying too hard to look like a photographer. This may be an unfair representation of them but it's the vibe I got.

Lastly, the judges seemed a little too easy on them. A few of the photos didn't even fit the brief given at all! But this was very lightly touched upon. Instead of teaching the photographer what they could have done to get a better photo or something, the blame was put on the wrong photo being selected for presentation. 

Like I said, I didn't watch much of it at all so my opinion may be totally wrong. It is my opinion though. I got excited when I saw there was an actual programme for photographers but I was left with a nasty taste in my mouth. I could have spent that time with something a little more productive or entertaining on. I won't be watching it again!