Black Rapid Hybrid breathe camera strap review

Black Rapid Hybrid breathe camera strap

Black Rapid Hybrid breathe camera strap

Black Rapid camera strap

I generally use a messenger bag to shoot with. It just suits my shooting style. The problem with this arises when using multiple cameras. Do you wear one around you neck and hold the other? Or throw the around each shoulder and still carry the bag? How about leaving one in the bag and shooting with the other?

The last one is the method I used to use. It works fine until you need to change camera lens. 

If you shoot events, you'll know how important the ability to change lenses or even camera bodies is. Being able to do this super fast is literally the difference between getting the shot or not. That's where the Hybrid strap comes in..

The Black Rapid Hybrid camera strap is an awesome piece of kit that allows the user to hang two different cameras from the same strap. The strap is based on the same concept as modern rifle slings and the strap hangs from a generous shoulder pad. The pad itself goes across your body, and the weight is spread evenly. (assuming the weight of both camera systems is the same) There’s a carabiner-style clip that is free to run up and down the strap, and you attach this to your camera using the supplied fastener, which you screw into the camera’s tripod bush. The extra strap can also be removed allowing the user to attach other Black Rapid products in it's place, or use it as a single camera strap.

Getting the camera strap on for the first few times can be a little confusing, but you soon get the hang of it. An under arm strap prevents the strap from slipping upwards towards the neck. A feature alot of camera straps lack!

It's so comfortable to carry around that sometimes it can be easy to forget you have a camera hanging around. The position of the cameras is perfect for just reaching down and bringing the camera straight to your eye.

Black Rapid also have a tripod mounting screw called the T1 adaptor. This replaces the fastener supplied with the strap and holds a compatible tripod mounting plate to the bottom of the camera. All the time it's still allowing functionality of the carabiner clip. I would personally get the T1 screw regardless. It's alot easier to attach and detach the camera from the strap with the T1 as opposed to the standard fastener. Taking the camera off of a tripod and attaching it back to the strap with the T1 screw can be done in around 15 seconds. 

Black Rapid clip with standard fastener

Black Rapid clip with standard fastener

Black Rapid T1 tripod screw adapter

Black Rapid T1 tripod screw adapter

You can still use the Hybrid breathe strap with a back pack too! As a system, the back pack with a few lenses, flashes and spare space works alot better than my previous messenger bag set up. There's less need to switch lenses around and the weight of everything is fully spread around.

If you don't shoot events or rarely walk around with more than one camera, then this strap will be overkill. You could throw a flash onto the other strap, but that's just an idea to use the other side. This camera strap will benefit anyone that shoots events. Weddings are the first thing that come to mind.

The strap allows you to shoot more comfortably for a longer period of time and gives you instant access to a secondary camera system. All within arms reach. What's more to love?

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