5 Things you shouldn't say to a wedding photographer!

If you shoot weddings, I guarantee you've probably heard all of these.. Multiple times.. 

If you don't shoot weddings, then you may still have heard them from other clients. Either way, they're annoying!

Have a read below and don't be that person who asks these questions. We may end up giving you a karate chop.


1. "Is that all of the photos?" Or, "can't you just give me them all?"

No, and no. Of course it's not all the photos! We take like 8 shots of the exact same thing! Just in case we miss that special moment that happens in the 1/100th of a second from the last. But, those 250ish photos are probably the best of the bunch and all edited, which takes forever. 

In answer to the second part of number 1, giving all of the photos isn't a true representation of our work. Editing, whether it be in photoshop or just choosing our photos is all part of our work. Besides, our contract will probably state the client gets around 300 wedding photos. Besides, who wants to actually look through a couple of thousand photos?!


2. "We only want you for 2 hours. How much would that be?"

For me, this has got to be my most hated question of all time and the one that makes me bite my tongue. I'm never rude, but anybody who enquires this, I will always tell them that if I take a booking for a 2 hour wedding job, in peak wedding season, I'd still charge either half or a full day.

Why? Because you can potentially be giving up a full day's work for a client who clearly wants a professional wedding photographer for £200, with photos. I'd recommend staying clear of these jobs unless it's very last minute.



3. "I want every shot on the shot list"

A shot list is designed to be a guide. A collaboration between the photographer and the bride, groom etc, as to which shots they'd like. 

It is not a guarantee to the wedding photos they will receive. I mean if Uncle Steve had to leave super early, how can that photo be possible? 

The best way to deal with this is to make all parties clear that the shot list is a guide before the wedding.


4. "You must be rich charging £1500 a wedding"

We would be rich if we were shooting a wedding a week, all year round. But as most wedding photographers know, wedding season lasts for 4 - 5 months. And not all of those weeks are not a paid job.

On top of it all, there is tax, running costs etc. So out of a £1500 wedding, we may only see £800. Not exactly rich.


5. "Can you take your logo off?"

Not all photographers watermark their wedding photos. However, I know some do. Especially proof photos. Proof photos aren't finished products and therefore shouldn't see social media daylight. There's nothing worse than seeing your photos being posted, half finished and not a representation of your work but still being credited.

Some photographers offer separate galleries of edited photos, one full resolution on a disk or stick and the other with smaller files for Facebook with watermarks.