Showing only what you want to shoot

Most of us photographers shoot everything from weddings and portraits to sporting events or real estate. Basically anything to pay the bills or anywhere we take our cameras.

But should we show every subject we shoot...?  

There is alot of debate amongst photographers about this. However I feel that if you know people in the industries (magazine editors, newspaper editors etc) then being a generalist photographer is very beneficial. Showing you can shoot everything can help get alot of work coming your way. 

But, if the plan is to shoot one specific genre of photography, like portraits for example, then showing your real esate and product photography along side it will only draw attention away and confuse the viewer as to your speciality.  

This also goes for sub catorgries. 

Taking our portrait photography for example, if the plan is to shoot dramatic theatrical portraits as a career path, don't show glamour or skantly clad portraits along side.  

If you want to show both then make seperate accounts or websites for each additional category.   

You'll get hired for what you show. So only show what you want to be hired for.