Nobody likes dirty legs.

This tip is brief and about tripod maintainence and how to make your tripod survive longer.  

Asides from physical abuse, the quickest way to destroy a tripod is neglect. If you ever use your tripod at the beach you'll understand how annoying the grating sound of sand stuck between the leg sections are. This left unremoved is basically sanding down your tripod legs from the inside. And mix that with salt water and you're corroding the very metal you're entrusting with your expensive equipment. Not good times.

How do we remedy this? Wash or rinse your tripod after use. We need to get the salt and sand out of the joints and leg sections. I use my shower. I stand my tripod in the bath and literally shower it, without soap, and let it stand to dry. I then visually inspect it, and repeat if needed. A toothbrush can always be invaluable to cleaning, but i usually find the shower to be fine.  

Prolong your tripods life!