Is there a difference between art and craft?

Simply put, yes.

Craft is your competence. It's your ability to know your camera and settings without thinking. It's having a situation thrown at you and knowing how to deal with it. Knowing your craft inside out to a point of unconscious competence makes our job look easy to others. Like all we have to do is press the shutter.  

Photography craft is the techniques and skills we constantly learn to achieve our art. 

Art on the other hand is very visionary. Some may not see it as art, so this means it's personal. Art can't be taught in the same way as craft. Our learning of our art comes from inspiration, progression and maturity. The best way to learn your individual idea of art is to surround yourself with images. The more you immerse yourself the better your own vision and definition of art will become. 

In conclusion, art and craft are intertwinned. One cannot exist without the other. Craft is needed to allow the art to live and breathe. Craft is taking a photo. Art is creating a masterpiece.