Over complicating it?

Often I find myself with the question of "how many lights should I use?" And the answer will also be stupid. It'll be something like "if I use 5 lights...and do something in this crazy location, only then will I get amazing shots. So definetly 5."  

Is this over complicating things..? Of course it is! Unless you're Joe McNally, two will probably be fine.

But it's not just flash. We can stop our creativity dead by trying to make our shoots too complex. As photographers and creatives we are also problem solvers. We have to 'make it happen' with what ever we have at our disposal, whether it's only basic kit, a mirror and an empty field. 

We can get very similar results with a one light setup and a little creativity, which will help push ourselves to work our model better. After all, if we have perfect light, location and a lifeless model, we have lifeless shots. Keep it simple.