Saving money on flash gels

The precut flash gels from companies like Rouge are amazing. But what if you don't want to spend too much money and want to play with different gels. Is there anything out there to suit you?

Of course there is. There is the option to steal all the sweet wrappers from the quality streets chocolates and covering your speedlite head in them... 

Or... You could get a sample wheel from some gel producing companies. I got mine from a company called Rosco. They make lots of flash gels and reflector materials. I think I paid around £5 for mine and it's full with different colours and shades of colours. Plus, they're cut in such a way that they fit directly over the bulb/flash area of a speedlite. 

For £5, you can get creative and see if gels are for you. Then invest in better and lasting ones.