Becoming a better editor.

I see alot of photographers, especially new photographers who will dump every single photo they take online. They will make a new gallery and call it something like "photoshoot with Dave", then proceed to put all 350 photos in it with the idea that the more photos, the better. Next to nobody will look through them all. Besides, we want ONLY our best work to be shown.

So this tip on editing has nothing to do with photoshop or post production. It's to do with cutting out the cr*p shots and whittling down to only the very best photos, with the idea that only a select few will be shown. This sometimes requires you to dissociate your feelings from the images to pick only the strongest. 

How do you know which photos are strongest? 

This can be tough as hell at times. But it depends on the subject. We're looking for  photos that convey things like emotion, have a powerful composition, capture peak action or THE moment, or sometimes the photo just feels right. These are the photos you want to consider taking into post production.

Showing one killer shot will leave a strong and memorable impression on people. Whereas showing 350 unedited and weak photos will have people forget about your work instantly.

Show only your best. Always.