Capture peak action. Not all the action.

There is a tendency to shoot digital cameras with a fast burst mode in spray and pray mode. (Also known as continuous high on Nikon) This is essentially holding the shutter button down, capturing about 20 images or how ever many before the buffer fills, and hoping for the best.  While there is nothing wrong with this per se, it can make for sloppy technique and relying on that one shot captured by chance, not skill.

Now, I'm not saying a fast burst mode is bad. However, relying on it is. 

The very best things you can teach yourself are anticipation and subject knowledge.  For example, I sometimes shoot BMX, so I learned how to ride one and watched alot of it to familiarize myself with the sport. This allows me to get in the best position for the best angles, know where a subject will land and when the tricks are at their peak point. Therefore giving me the chance to shoot one killer shot.

Spend more time on shooting one awesome shot in single burst. You'll miss moments at first, but it's a fast learning curve and it's a transferable skill to weddings and children photography etc.


Image shot in single shot mode and continuous focus. 

Image shot in single shot mode and continuous focus.