3LT Adrian tripod with AirHed ballhead review

Ever since I found out about 3LT (3 legged thing) I fell in love with their quirky style and anodised blue ball heads. Each of their tripods are named a different human name, which is pretty amusing and they're British. This one we are reviewing here is Adrian.

Adrian is a small and light travel tripod. I was able to carry this for most of the day without issue, especially in the bag it came in. The bag has a hand handle to allow carrying like a suitcase and a sling to throw it over your shoulder. I tend to use the hand handle as I have a messenger bag usually. The bag is a very hard wearing material with a zip compartment in the top which contains a few tools, like an allen key, should you need to adjust the tripod on location. 

The AirHed ballhead is super smooth.  The locking knob holds the ballhead in place without any creeping, even when loaded with a decent amount of weight. And, comes equipped with a couple of spirit levels built into the head. One being under the mounting plate. For me, the only problem is that there's no quick release lever. Instead, you have to twist a dial to release the mounting plate. It's not an issue, I'd just have liked a quick release too. Me being lazy...

The leg sections are smooth and are a twist lock mechanism with a push lock tab at the tops to lock the legs in place.  With one of them being removable allowing it to convert to a monopod with the ballhead mountable on top. There is also a 3LT leg cover to hold the tripod by in cold weather, and I keep that on the monopod leg so I remember which one it is at a glance.

 I loved my Adrian alot, and used him so much but I broke mine. The leg had broken off somehow so I contacted the guys at 3LT and they were just amazing. The tripod was impressive, but their customer service was even better. For the cost of their tripods, I don't think 3LT can be beaten.


X1.1a Adrian - Evolution 2 Tripod


Tripod Weight


Monopod Weight


Monopod min Height


Monopod max Height


Tripod Min Height


Tripod Max Height with column removed


Tripod Max Height with column retracted


Tripod Max Height with column fully extended


Folded Height


Load Capacity


Maximum Leg Tubing Diameter


Leg Sections

5 - (26, 23, 20, 17 & 14mm)

Leg Angles

23°, 55° & 80°

Column Sections

1 - (26mm)

Leg Locking Mechanism

Evo 2 Double-Break Friction Dial